Selena Is a Sexy Columbian Student

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I love finding real amateur Latinas, and this time I found sexy 19 year old Colombian Student Selena over at Naughty Mag, which is a reader submitted site full of hot amateur girls. This student loves to show off and play, loves to fuck, and loves to get naughty where she can get caught, check out her story:

Although it’s a long drive from where I live, I love spending weekends and holidays at the beach,” said Selena. “For me, a perfect day is hanging out at the beach, tanning on the sand and then fooling around in the water. My boyfriend and I have had sex at the beach a lot–on the sand at night, on a boat, in the water in broad daylight. Being at the beach always makes me extra-horny. And I like having sex in public places. The thrill of almost getting caught gets me really excited. So now you know why my boyfriend is happy to go to the beach whenever I suggest it. It means he will get lots of sex

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